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For the first time now available as a download, Sarah West Love's ecstatic unfurlment of the mystical "Search for the Beloved" written in Lima, Peru, in the spring of 2000 while on her year-long Innerpeace Concert & workshop tour. The sublime audiobook's first 3 tracks were recorded in a deep meditative trance state on the holy Mt. Shasta in 2001 on her return the U.S. The 4th track was recorded in Richmond, Virginia, for the 15 Year Anniversary Limited Edition of "The Search for the Beloved" available on Amazon in the HOME page link top of the page and at the bottom of this description. Ms. Love harnesses the subtlest of subtle to draw you into the circle of holiness of the most tender request of your life. As her authentic pearlescent heart speaks to you of what you've always longed to hear, you blossom like the rose after what seems to be an eternal Winter in the gentle blaze of your first Spring's Sun. Open soul to this rapturous audiobook reminding you of your true self all along inside. Purchase the physical book from Amazon and other stores: We thank you for posting positive reviews on Amazon and on her contact page VISIT: Ms Love's website: