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"Divine!" –– Wayne Dyer

"Ms. Love's music and words will heal and inspire anyone who listens!" -Larry Dossey, M.D. author of Healing Words

"THE ETERNAL ROSE: A LULLABY OF LOVE FOR ALL AGES" takes the reader by the hand and tenderly unfurls the heart into an ecstatic encounter. Healing, peaceful and grounded in palpable depth. The Eternal Rose is a keepsake book that enlightens you as you read it. Are you stressed, overwhelmed? Consumed by too much information? Heart-break? Let Miss Love's poetic words unwind your mind bringing you to stillness and release into the sensation of peace and buoyant inspiration.

"Remembrance of a time when there was Nothing except God created in blackness, before the stars before the Galaxies, before the Infinite expansion that appears as a retraction. Before God felt the pain of being not God. Before the Heart felt separate from its maker. I remember. I remember this. So sweetly, so Divinely. We were all whole..." –– EXCERPT "THE ETERNAL ROSE: A LULLABY OF LOVE FOR ALL AGES"

Healing, peaceful and grounded in a palpable depth, The Eternal Rose takes the reader by the hand and tenderly unfurls your heart into an ecstatic, pulsing state. This is a keepsake book and audiobook (sold separately) that enlightens you with every breath.

"Ms. Love gives audible life to this stillness, this possibility, both through her singing and speech. As a result, she is able to touch the deepest recesses of the heart, moving them into alignment with the world behind appearances, the world, which the greater part of humanity yearns for now as never before.

Stated differently, Ms. Love is about that uncommon depth, the stuff of genius which we all recognize immediately, that comes along in a rarefied embodiment to remind us all what this life is and what it is for." –– Paul Jones, Composer, Concert Pianist

Ms. Love is an international recording artist, composer, author, artist, teacher, healing facilitator, TV, radio host, film producer, sound track creator and speaker. She has toured globally for over 15 years. She creates haunting soundscapes leaving her audience with indelible impressions of peace and transcendence of the human spirit!

Her books, CDs, DVDs and art of paintings and sculptures are available on local stores and her website

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