The Sacred Pyramid (LIVE)

Sarah West (Saralina Love aka Sarah West Love)

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Celestial Mystical arias for healing, rejuvenation and peace of mind. Dive into the trance of tranquility! Soothing, awakening your genius IQ, your Soul, your High Spirit!

"She shimmered ethereal, like an apparition of a divine form. Her voice, a sine wave bridging manifest creation with angelic realms, celestial light. We sat transported, transfigured, by her hymns, poetry and divine dance of ecstasy...

"Sarah's voice seems to pick up where choir-like voices echoing of vaulted stone cathedral walls, leave off. Her tones seemed to me to follow from the lineage of Gregorian chant, but somehow they are just more pure, and I felt as if I was hearing sounds from transcendent worlds that could only be heard in places where the vibrational quality of the audience permitted divine expression on earth." - Stephen Harper, Review

"Sarah is Divine!" - Wayne Dyer

"Sarah's music and wisdom will heal and inspire anyone who listens!" - Larry Dossey, M.D. author of Healing Words

"There is no doubt in my mind that Sarah West has been chosen to bring through the voice of the celestial realm and she does it with such an incredibly unforgettable presence and ease that is absolutely mesmerizing!!" - Sheridan Phyll Marie

"Sarah has a beautiful presence and talent known by millions of people all over the world. Her voice brings peace and harmony to everybody on this earth." - Mustafa C. Comlekcioglu

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