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“Divine!" — Wayne Dyer, author "Sarah's music and words will heal and inspire anyone who listens!" - Larry Dossey MD, author of Healing Words

Only a few book & CD combo left!

These are printed in the US locally and include the electrifyingly peaceful reading by Saralina of her entire book plus TWO NEW BONUS TRACKS of her timeless Celestial Mystical Opera.

This CD will not be available in the next printing of this keep-sake book.

Take a piece of Heaven with you home with you! Purchase copies for yourself Beloveds Loved Ones family & friends. Give THE GIFT you've always wanted to give & receive TODAY! Sarah West (now known as Saralina Love) releases her latest inspirational book & a hauntingly peaceful audiobook CD, the 15 Year Anniversary Limited Edition first published in Peru where it was written in 2000 during her year long tour teaching & giving Sacred Peace Concerts.

"Inspiring and uplifting while exquisitely touching! Sarah West's new book & Cd release, "The Search for the Beloved" is a mystical rapture unveiling the journey inward as searches for love outwardly.

Hailed a modern Rumi usherance, Sarah's "The Search for the Beloved" carries you palpably into a hypnotic state undulating your heart, your soul, your spirit and even your body to pulse alive again in ways you have longed to awaken." - Evan Soul

"The Search For The Beloved", Sarah West’s newest book and CD release is an ecstatic delivery on the scale of Rumi and beyond! So sublime, you are sure to be wafting in the rafters by the first line, and by the end, be so immersed in your own sweet vulnerability that you’ll be vibrating in bliss. You’ll want it to go on forever... Listening to Sarah’s voice and reading her mystic illuminations are a rare treat to be enjoyed for all for lifetimes!” - Ellara Randolph

“The longing for love is the deepest quest in our whole lives. The search for our Beloved, our “other half”, our twin flame — our selves reflected perfectly before us and within us — is an eternal prayer ever beckoning from our heart’s lips. We yearn for The One and we yearn for Oneness. We are human; we seek our true mate. We are divine; we seek union with that which we are: The Infinite...” excerpt from "THE SEARCH FOR THE BELOVED".

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