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DIVINE EXPRESSION MYSTERY SCHOOL aka HOW TO BE HUMAN: Welcome to the opportunity to delve into your most beautiful, rapturous self, tender, outrageous opening to unveil and express your exquisite bounty and heal whatever holds you back from the all-encompassing YOU!

In this 12 month course, we will have phone consultations twice a month with a series of secret expansion techniques to help you anchor your real self into your physical reality and practical tools to help you release what no longer serves you. Through the integration of the profound understanding of How to Be Your Embodied Divine Human, we have access to our most natural essence of creativity, peace and prosperity. Come join me on this adventure called Life learning how to unfurl your genius, joyous, alive Self! You will receive a package of all of my available books and CDs in your Divine Expression Packet to support your ever deepening relationship with the wondrous mystery that is you!

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